How to Start Sketching Fashion Designs

You could be an aspiring artist with an obsession for clothes, or an ambition fashion designer or just a regular fashionista who craves retail therapy at the slightest zit breakout. You could be dramatic, talented, passionate or devoted. Whatever it is, if you want to design your own clothes instead of just wearing items off the racks then whip out your stationary and put ink to paper.A good fashion sketch would be able to put a full figure into clothing by adding details to the drawing. Catch the falls of the cloth and the drapes of the material to make your sketches more life like. For starters, maybe you could try imitating your favorite outfits by placing them in front of you and pick out the places where the material falls. In addition to that, always try to do your sketches without an eraser. The mistakes you make can help you with adjustments and also can contribute to ideas as well.If you’re only just starting, take the drawing you’ve imitated and without looking at the original piece, add your own flair to the piece. Make your own alterations and change the details by being creative. Don’t just dive in straight away and start drawing all your ideas out. You must understand clothes and know how they are formed. Study stitching, types of fabric, colors and then slowly design your own piece.If you’re stumped for ideas, just close your eyes and picture what you think would be the best dress, top or pants you have ever seen; something that will definitely catch your eye. If you’re really dry on ideas then spend some time flipping through fashion magazines and let your ideas form from there.Once you’ve got the looks of it all sorted out, put colors, materials and stitching to it and you’ll have your first masterpiece. Don’t expect to succeed at your first attempt or you might end up disappointed. Understand Why Fashion Sketches to keep up the challenges and keep going at it until you meet perfection.